A well established company operating in the Oil and Gas sector is currently seeking the services of Yard Operator. Reporting to the Yard Operations Manager this is a challenging role and offers a salary structure which comes with yearly increments.


• Strictly follow all instructions of the Operations Team Leader and immediately report on any unsafe situations, incidents and other abnormalities.
• Participate in the loading/offloading operations, handling services at the operations base, quayside, pipe yards or any other designated area as a member of the crew of banksmen/slingers. Ensure that all rigging, slinging and handling works are performed in a safe and efficient manner.
• Perform the function of the banksman by signalling to the other members of the crew and third-party employees.
• Give clear, precise commands to the crane operator.
• Provide instructions to the crane operator and the crew during lifting operation. Remain in communication with riggers and crane operators, understands proper radio communication and gives clear instruction; directs crane movements and loadings to ensure the safety of personnel and plant equipment
• Participate in the planning, including risk assessment and pre-lift safety meeting of each operation. • Operating Vehicles, Mechanized Devices, or Equipment – Running, manuvering, navigating, or driving vehicles or mechanized equipment, such as forklifts, passenger vehicles and trucks. Operate equipment entrusted such as vans/fork lifter diligently and in a safe manner
• Perform all work within health and safety procedures instructed by Health and Safety Manager and Operations Manager.
• Understand clients’ requirements and ensure work completion in a satisfactory manner.
• Support in upkeep and for maintenance of plant and equipment. Carry out maintenance work within the Base and Quay as required
• Contributes to team effort by maintaining ongoing communications with other departments, and fellow personnel. Support in other tasks/ operations within the department and constantly collaborating with other team members within the organisation
• Perform other tasks as may be required by the Operations Team Leader/ Manager


• Basic knowledge of lifting equipment necessary to handle vessels or at Base.
• Basic knowledge of offshore oil and gas drill equipment and materials.

• Knowledge of written and spoken Maltese & English
• Driving licenses: CE (Min. 21 years of age, OR 19 years if a holder of Driver CPC)
• Ideally in possession of ADR license – Transportation of Dangerous Goods
• OPITO Banksman + Slinger Stage 1 Certification or equivalent